was first initiated by Cory Lewis, a divorced mother with 3 teenagers. At her hardest time in her life, Cory struggled to find a reliable attorney who can help her to finish her case professionally. There were many law firm directories at that time, but she hardly found anything that is based on real testimonials and not fake and paid reviews.

She finally made it resolve her case with the help of Carl Lewis, her current husband who was a junior lawyer at that time. Soon after, with the same mission, both started an online and honest lawyer directory list with a detailed review from clients. Clients are also available to be contacted by potential clients seeking for psychological support. Hence, it became a solid community.

Today, is one of the emerging lawyer directory lists that publishes and review real case studies. We also work with top law firms in the nation to share actionable tips to avoid public from getting a legal issue, how to resolve law issue, and be aware of any legal fraud activities.

Before the momentum of Internet, people use phone book, billboard, magazines, newspapers, and mouth-to-mouth reviews to find services, including legal help. Business owners also have to budget thousands of dollars to display their ad for short time and can’t be tracked which one is working and not.

At CV Court, we defend public rights by developing the first self-listing directories online where lawyers can post a comprehensive information about their firm, services, and case studies directly to the public community and for a very minimal cost, visitors can access a huge database at the click of a button.

Based on a recent survey, about 45 million people have used legal directories and online listings to find information about law offices and consultancy in the last 3 years.

Thus, this proves that legal directories a targeted method to obtain qualified and hot leads. There are many benefits of a legal directory to promote your business. One of the main things is it send traffic to your website, boost your search engine ranking, and also help in indexing your pages.