6 Vital tips to help you in Hiring a Criminal Defense Law Firm

In case you or your loved one is faced with criminal charges, consulting a seasoned criminal defense attorney to plea your case is simply the best thing to do. You will need to select carefully a qualified law firm to fight for you. Here are six vital tips to remember before hiring a criminal defense law firm.

1. Watch out for experience

You want to be sure that the law firm you are entrusting your criminal case with has got some reasonable years of experience as well as having records of people they have fought and won criminal cases for in the past.
Again, you must also consider how well the law firm understands and is familiar with the particular charges you are facing, so his experience can help direct his actions.

2. Go through testimonials and reviews from their previous clients

No doubt, an experience is very vital, it is also imperative to hear the views of their former clients in regards to how their cases were taken care of. Reviews from previous clients about a particular firm can be found on websites like Google Plus and Yelp. You may also want to check out the lawyers’ website or better still, have a one-on-one interaction with him.

3. View attorney’s ratings on MartindaleHubbell.com and Avvo.com

There are two certified systems for rating lawyers before engaging a law firm, check out these two recognized rating systems Martindale Hubbell has over the years been a source trusted for rating law firms and lawyers. A law firm might receive either of the following ratings:

• An “AV” rating
• A “BV” rating or;
• “Rated” designation

The AV rating is the best rating any law firm can have.

The Avvo rating employs a mathematical calculation that surveys a lawyer’s profile data which includes the attorney’s total number of years spent in the practice of criminal defense, lawyer’s professional achievements, disciplinary history and his recognition in the industry. Each lawyer’s ranking ranges from 1.0 to10.0. Lawyers with 10.0 ratings are the best-ranked lawyers.

4. Ensure the firm is familiar with the local court and their operations.

Every court has its individual procedures, thus it advisable to ensure that the local courts are well-known by your defense attorney. Good knowledge of the local court’s operations where you are charged to is an added advantage.

5. Engage a team of attorneys

In your search for a good firm, you may want to go for a company that has a team of experienced criminal defense lawyers. Criminal defense cases are usually very sophisticated. Your best bet will, therefore, be to engage a firm that has a team of experienced criminal defense attorneys so that they can collectively work for your defense.

6. Make necessary price comparison

You must be sure about the firm’s charges that you wish to hire. A firm who charges a very low fee may need to be investigated for their level of experience and testimonials. However, high billing firms are not automatically the most appropriate firm to handle your case.

Hopefully, the above-listed tips will be of great help in assisting you to find the best firm and lawyer to hire. Before you finally engage the service of the attorney, ensure you discuss the consultation fee and possible payment scheme.

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